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The Stuff In Between

The Stuff In Between - Peter Anderegg

 As their only son’s high school graduation and time for leaving home draws near, two parents wrestle with how to rebuild their own teetering relationship.

Faced with trying to revive the old dreams they dreamt before becoming parents or trying to come up with new dreams, they discover they need a little of both.


Cast of Characters (in order of appearance)

CONRAD: (40) Cassie's husband, Randy's father

CASSIE: (40) Randy's mother

RANDY: teenager graduating from high school

MAGGIE*: friend of Cassie

MAN**: library patron

SHERIDAN: a self-styled community theater litterateur

PROFESSOR** friend of Conrad

SHERIDAN'S MOTHER*: Sheridan's mother

PORTER**: early 20's, athletic

WOMAN*: library patron

*Roles can be played by the same actress

**Roles can be played by the same actor



Time: Present

Place: A town in Massachusetts

Settings: Production note: Minimal set pieces supported by projections.

Scene 1: Bedroom. Night. CASSIE and CONRAD

Scene 2: Kitchen. Morning. CONRAD and RANDY

Scene 3: A health club. Morning. CASSIE and MAGGIE

Scene 4: Public library. Day. CASSIE and SHERIDAN

Scene 5: A dressing room. Day. CASSIE and SHERIDAN

Scene 6: High school auditorium. Day. RANDY, CASSIE and CONRAD

Scene 7: A gym. Morning. CONRAD and PROFESSOR

Scene 8: Kitchen. Morning. CASSIE and RANDY

Scene 9: Bedroom. Night. CASSIE and CONRAD

Scene 10: A theater dressing room. Evening. CASSIE

Scene 11: A dark stage. Moments later. SHERIDAN

Scene 12: A section of house seats. MOTHER, RANDY, and CONRAD sit nearby.

Scene 13: The theater lobby. SHERIDAN and MOTHER

Scene 14: Bedroom. CASSIE and CONRAD

Scene 15: Kitchen. Morning. CONRAD and CASSIE

Scene 16: Health club. CASSIE and PORTER

Scene 17: Library. Day. CONRAD and a WOMAN

Scene 18: Kitchen. Evening. CASSIE, CONRAD, and RANDY

Scene 19: A theater. Evening. SHERIDAN and CASSIE

Scene 20: Kitchen. Night. CONRAD peruses the script. RANDY enters.

Scene 21: Kitchen. Morning. CONRAD and CASSIE


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