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Matches - Peter Anderegg

Happiness is hard to find and something is always getting in the way.

A series of nine 10-minute plays by Peter Anderegg.



Time: The present

Place: Locations should be minimally suggested.  A table and chairs of boxes will suffice.

               If possible, projections might help.

1. On the Wings of Temptation

the virgin wannabe vs. the virgin doesn't wannabe (w/m)

    ANGELA (early 20's)

     FULTON (early 20's)

2. Menu Options

the prosaic vs. the poetic (w/m)

     DERRICK (29)

     MARGERY (mid-20's)

3. The Truce

a mother's dreams vs. a daughter's schemes (w/w)

     JANE - young woman in junior high


4. The Burglar

her first response vs. his second story (w/m)



5. Faking It

hunches vs. punches (m/m)



6. Lumberjacked

traitor vs. trader (m/m)

     ROGER (early-30's)

     DYLAN (early-30's)

7. Two Women and a Shovel

spouses vs. louses (w/w)

     TRUDY (mid-40's)

     FRANCINE (mid-40's)

8. The Wedding Retreat

they do vs. we did (w/m)

     WENDY (50-ish) sits on the aisle

     ROMAN (50-ish)

9. Toe to Toe

the rock vs. the clock (w/m)

     VIRGIL (mid-60's)

     PETULA (mid-60's)


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