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About the Show

“Happiness is hard to find and something’s always in the way” is an idea explored in nine short plays that pit two characters with competing, mutually exclusive aspirations against each other.  

From the young woman on a distressed airliner trying to wring the most out of what may be the last few moments of life while the young man sitting next to her tries desperately to repent his lust to appease the powers that be to the retiree who feels the only way to prolong life in this age of relativity is to stay miserable while his contrary spouse insists finding joy in their golden years is the only way to live, we watch contending pairs struggling to form, sustain, revive, or end personal relationships.  

A free thinker tries to decide how to deal with her ultra-pragmatic blind date.  A mother and daughter try to out-manipulate each other.  A socialite returns home to discover a burglar.  Jealousy complicates the hopes of husbands and ex-husbands trying to fix relationships with their wives and ex-wives, and newfound alliances derail a murder plot and save a marriage.

1st Card: On the Wings of Temptation- the virgin wannabe vs. the virgin doesn’t wannabe (w/m)

2nd Card: Menu Options- the prosaic vs. the poetic (w/m)

3rd Card: The Truce- a mother’s dreams vs. a daughter’s schemes (w/w)

4th Card: The Burglar- her first response vs. his second story (w/m)

5th Card: Faking It- hunches vs. punches (m/m)

6th Card: Lumberjacked- traitor vs. trader (m/m)

7th Card: Two Women and a Shovel- spouses vs. louses (w/w)

8th Card: The Wedding Retreat- they do vs. we did (w/m)

9th Card: Toe to Toe- the rock vs. the clock (w/m)


Producers: Denise Alexander & Lauren Esper

Playwright: Peter Anderegg

Directors: Denise Alexander, Lauren Esper, Kelly Morgan

Stage Manager:  Maya Dunham



Design Team & Production Crew



Matches will be premiered at Fitchburg State University's Falcon Hub, followed by a second run of production in New York City, details TBA.

November 19-24 @ the Wallace Center for the Performing Arts

(McKay Auditorium, Entrance B) 67 Ringe Road, Fitchburg MA, 01420

19th @ 6:00 pm

20th @ 4:30 & 7:30 pm

21st @ 6:00 pm

22nd @ 7:30 pm

23rd @ 2:00 pm & 7:30 pm

24th @ 2:00 pm

Donations accepted at the door, parking available on site.