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Full Fare

Full Fare - Peter Anderegg

A potentially catastrophic medical diagnosis makes a banker reassess his life choices. After counting backward from one hundred, Arvin Wilson “awakens” to question his compromises. Did he marry the right woman? Did he pursue the right career? Did he make the right dinner reservations? Full Fare shows a man trying to recover equilibrium while coping with an unreliable libido and a crack in his bedroom ceiling.


Cast of Characters (All characters are middle-aged)







Time: The present

Place: Locations should be minimally suggested.

               A table and chairs or boxes will suffice. If they're possible, projections might help.

Scene Breakdown:

1. Hospital operating room

2. Grand Central Station

3. Wilderness

4. Hospital operating room

5. Public library

6. Arvin & Onida's parlor

7. Art museum

8. Hotel room

9. Art museum

10. Arvin & Onida's bedroom

11. Arvin & Onida's parlor

12. Hospital waiting room / post-op

13. Arvin & Onida's spare room

14. Cynthia's home

15. A stage

16. A cinema

17. An art studio/classroom

18. Arvin & Onida's automobile


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