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Flight Delay

Flight Delay - Peter Anderegg

Flight Delay is a dark comedy exploring ideas and emotions of an estranged father and son who meet accidentally in an airport during a blizzard.  The story speaks to our common humanity of the difficulties of taking personal responsibility for our life decisions and our personal happiness.


Cast of Characters (in order of appearance)

"F" : (30's - 40's)

Dwyer's son. Indecisive, touchy, naïve, resentful.

He blames his childhood for his failure at long-term relationships yet he is still an optimist about romance.

Ignoring the lessons of his previous break ups, he cheerfully courts his next prospect. The near-constant unfairness of life interfering with his happiness is his greatest mystery.

Dwyer : (55 - 80's)

"F"'s father. Retired, low key, well-educated, utilitarian.

He is sentimental about his ex but hardheaded about everything else. 

Personal life should be approached like a business. To succeed, you assess your situation and adopt viable strategies to overcome misfortune. Nothing irritates more than those who wallow in their infantile narcissism.

Charlie : (55 - 80's)

"F"’s mom’s long term girlfriend/lover.

A free-thinking senior tomboy who enjoys the occasional martini while undertaking home repairs.



Time: The present

Place: Chicago's O'Hare Airport during a blizzard.

                Locations should be minimally suggested. If they're possible, projections might help.


First Waiting Area

Second Waiting Area

Third Waiting Area

An Airport Tavern

Fourth Waiting Area


Artist's Studio on Cape Cod

A Front Porch in Worcester


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