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Dead mad

Dead Mad - Peter Anderegg

Jason Brooks, a man who has committed himself to superficial living, to ignoring the past and avoiding the present, discovers that not knowing can be hazardous to his mental health.  When his combative, narcissistic mother Mavis escapes being ferried across the River Styx, he is threatened with the prospect of being haunted by her forever unless he can pen an obituary that is one-hundred percent true.  Not only must he unearth some true memories, he must do so while contending with Time's suddenly erratic deviations.   

Using a non-linear structure, playwright, Peter Anderegg explores how we respond when we're suddenly forced to wake up, take stock, and chart a new course.  In this new work, we get the pleasure of watching characters try to figure out what's real and what's made up as they grope their way toward an unlikely reconciliation.


Cast of Characters (In order of appearance)

JASON BROOKS : A Boatwright

MAVIS BROOKS: Jason's mother

CHARON: The Ferryman

BOOTSIE / PENNY: Two ex-girlfriends in one

DR. GREENE / ADMINISTRATOR: Mavis' doctor / Nursing Home

3-5 STAGEHANDS / CHORUS: Jason's Synapses



Time: Present

Place: A town in Massachusetts

Settings: A small boat shop on the New England cost and various surreal physical and metaphysical locations.

Scene 1: Mavis's in assisted living

Scene 2: Jason's boat shop, meet Bootsie / Penny

Scene 3: Mavis at the bottom of the sea

Scene 4: Jason's boat shop, Karon appears

Scene 5: Dr. Greene's Office / Boat Shop

Scene 6: Ten Years Ago, The Emergency Room

Scene 7: Jason's boat shop, Mavis begins to flower

Scene 8: Jason's backyard

Scene 9: Jason's boat shop with Mavis

Scene 10: Mill Pond Café 

Scene 11: Twenty-One Years Ago, Jason's college apartment

Scene 12: Mill Pond Café

Scene 13:Jason's boat shop enhanced w/ plants

Scene 14: Fourteen Years Ago, Jason's boat shop enhanced w/plants rehab nursery

Scene 15: Twenty-Three Years Ago, Jason's childhood home / Dr. Conger

Scene 16: Jason's boat shop / Obit research

Scene 17: Twenty-Seven Years Ago, Jason's childhood home / Tampons

Scene 18: New England Coastline / Picnic

Scene 19: Jason's boat shop / Mavis' last flower

Scene 20: Jason's boat shop / Penny ultimatum

Scene 21: The rocky shore / Obit

Scene 22: At sea, two boats / Final Goodbye

[Note: Throughout the play, Stage Hands holding or moving props and other scenic elements remain visible to the audience.]


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