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About the Show

Jason Brooks, a man who has committed himself to superficial living, to ignoring the past and avoiding the present, discovers that not knowing can be hazardous to his mental health.  When his combative, narcissistic mother Mavis escapes being ferried across the River Styx, he is threatened with the prospect of being haunted by her forever unless he can pen an obituary that is one-hundred percent true.  Not only must he unearth some true memories, he must do so while contending with Time's suddenly erratic deviations.   

Using a non-linear structure, playwright, Peter Anderegg explores how we respond when we're suddenly forced to wake up, take stock, and chart a new course.  In this new work, we get the pleasure of watching characters try to figure out what's real and what's made up as they grope their way toward an unlikely reconciliation.


Producer: Kelly Morgan

Playwright: Peter Anderegg

Director: Denise Alexander

Assistant Director: Belle Flint

Stage Manager: Maya Dunham

Choreographer: Lauren Esper

Assistant to Playwright: Lucas Cardwell

Assistant Stage Manager: Muchafara  Punungwe 


Jason Brooks: Nick Wakely

Mavis Sterling Brooks: Rachael Miles

Bootsie / Penny: Lauren Esper

Charon: Amado Malec

Doctor / Administrator: Natalie Scott

Synapse 1: Rebecca Joseph

Synapse 2: Eliana West

Synapse 3: Amado Malec

Synapse 4: Natalie Scott

Design Team & Production Crew

Production Designer: Dan Daly

Technical Director: Chris Lussier

Assistant Technical Designer: Fouad Nasr

Lighting Design & Operation: Cheyenne Winley

Lighting Design Assistant: Ken Roberts

Lighting Consultant: Jeff Adelberg

Sound Designer & Operator: Jem Alicea Morales

Costume Designers: Lauren Esper, Denise Alexander

Props: Stef Tivnan

Make-up Designer: Nina DiRusso

Graphic Designer: Savanah Hippert

Photographer/Videographer: Andrew Allen

Photography/Videography Assistant: Lauren Esper

Box Office Manager: Maeghan Cunningham


Dead Mad was originally produced at the Wallace Center for the Performing Arts in Spring 2019. 

Week 1
Wed. Apr. 10        6:30 PM
Thu. Apr. 11         6:30 PM
Fri. Apr. 12           7:30 PM
Sat. Apr. 13          2:00 PM
Sat. Apr. 13          7:30 PM
Sun. Apr. 14         2:00 PM

Week 2
Wed. Apr. 17        6:30 PM
Thu. Apr. 18         6:30 PM
Fri. Apr. 19           7:30 PM
Sat. Apr. 20          7:30 PM