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Dead Mad

 When Jason Brooks must write an obituary to avoid being haunted by his mother after she

escapes Karon the Ferryman, he confronts the fact that he knows almost nothing about her

that’s 100% true.

Flight Delay

Flight Delay is a dark comedy exploring ideas and emotions of an estranged father and son who meet accidentally in an airport during a blizzard. Based in Massachusetts, the story speaks to our common humanity of the difficulties of taking personal responsibility for our life decisions and our personal happiness.

Full Fare

A potentially catastrophic medical diagnosis makes a banker reassess his life choices. After counting backward from one hundred, Arvin Wilson “awakens” to question his compromises. Did he marry the right woman? Did he pursue the right career? Did he make the right dinner reservations? Full Fare shows a man trying to recover equilibrium while coping with an unreliable libido and a crack in his bedroom ceiling.


Happiness is hard to find and something is always getting in the way.

A series of 10-minute plays.

Modeling Mother

Haunted by the memory of her former husband, an elderly woman living in a New Hampshire nursing home rebels against neglect but her narcissistic demands drive away her family.  When her former husband dies, she inherits his home in Florida and thus begins life anew surrounded by more agreeable delusions.

The Stuff In Between

As their only son’s high school graduation and time for leaving home draws near,

two parents wrestle with how to rebuild their own teetering relationship. Faced with trying to revive the old dreams they dreamt before becoming parents or trying to come up with new dreams, they discover they need a little of both.